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Our platform encourages tourism in Ireland, but more specifically in Dun Laoghaire. We work arduously to ensure posts on a weekly basis. Besides, we accept suggestions from our followers via email, as they sometimes help us decide our content.

We do whatever it takes to keep in touch with all the people who follow us.

Alexis has the subscribe option for those who want to follow our content at all times. One of the advantages of the subscription is that people keep up to date with our posts in a timely fashion.

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Once you’ve submitted the subscription, you will start receiving notifications of all of our publications and updates on our platform. Additionally, we will also inform you of promotions and offers in bars, grills, and restaurants in Dun Laoghaire.

All of our notifications will be sent to your inbox, but it is possible you can find emails in the spam folder as well.

Subscribing to our site is very simple. Our website has a JavaScript code that activates and shows an invitation every time we have a visitor. Users can close the window and continue to content if they are still not willing to subscribe.

Our visitors also can subscribe to Alexis by entering their email id into the SUBSCRIBE form.

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